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Induction Cookware : How To Identify It


What is induction cooking

The induction is a type of cooking which consists in heating of the containers through an electromagnetic field that is created when there is a contact with a ferromagnetic material. Put simply the food of your plate only heat up if there is a contact with a ferrous material.
So if above an induction plan put a ceramic container or any other non-ferrous material does not heat up because you will not be creating this electromagnetic field.
Unlike other types of cuisines, in the kitchen for the induction heat is directly transmitted to the cookware, this implies a greater quickness in cooking as well as an energy saving.

Now after explaining briefly how it works and what brings benefits to the kitchen induction we see what characteristics must have the pans and pots to be compatible with this type of cuisine.

Induction Cooking Benefits

Here is a small infographic that summarizes the benefits of induction cooking compared to traditional cooking.
Time savings, energy efficiency, and kitchen safety are just some of the benefits of the induction kitchen.

Induction cookware benefit

Characteristics Of Pots For Induction

For if the answer would be simple, all pots and pans that contain iron or steel are suitable for this type of cuisine, while all the other not, aluminum, stone, ceramic, copper (unless in the bottom of the pot there is a layer of material compatible with the induction ). To give you an example of a aluminum pans will not work with an induction cooker, unless it was not designed for this and therefore will have a bottom diffuser made of stainless steel to allow its use also in this type of cookers.

How Do Identify The Induction Pots?

You can verify that you abatteria fits this type of cuisine in a very simple way, take a magnet and check that stick to the bottom of your pot or pan you, if not you can not use them, but if the calamity attaches firmly to the bottom you can safely use your pentole.Un further so that you can use is to put a little ‘of water in the pot and place the hobs if the display lED starts blinking it means that the pan is not suitable for the ‘induction. Almost all brands produce models suitable for induction plates but in order to have the certainty controlled the pack always.

What to choose stainless steel or aluminum?

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel is the most common material ever, because it is rugged, durable and corrosion-resistant, it is suitable for certain types of cooking, has a good heat conduction, but not the best.


Aluminium conducts and retains heat better than stainless steel, is light and does not rust, unfortunately as mentioned above alone is not compatible with induction.
The problem is overcome by inserting a stainless steel plate on the bottom of the pan or pot thus making it compatible with the induction, the heat passing through this plate and expands to the rest of the surface.

The choice will depend on your type of cuisine, also keep in mind while choosing the fund structure of the pots and pans, even though there are different types of funds compatible with induction cooking, the framework that is best suited to this type of cuisine is the one called sandwich formed by .

Pentole per induzione -Induction Cookware

One last tip

Despite work there are some kitchen utensils which would be better not to use with the kitchen induction, namely those pots or pans with base or thin bottom, because this may be deformed and consequently lose their capacity for subsequent use.

induzione - Induction


Now you know something more about induction cooking and on the materials used for the manufacture of cookware that will be useful during the purchase.
But remember, before the purchase of a set of pots or always check the packaging controlled pans that are compatible with induction cooking.
This symbol distinguishes here beside induction cookware, induction cookware, if the packaging of your cookware or pan you are buying trovere this symbol then you can be sure that the product is suitable for induction cooking.