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Nuova H.S.S.C., besides collaborating with leading Italian partners, operates in the market under three brands: Press Inox, Yacht Club Portofino and HSSC-Mepra, positioned respectively as technical, custom and luxury in line with the products that they offer.


PRESS INOX – Technical department
A historical brand born in the early ‘60s, it handles stainless steel items with a view to 360 degrees production, starting from the design by the internal engineering office to the supply that is accurate in every detail. Press Inox is a leader in the restaurant, big community hospital and cruise markets where it is known worldwide as a reference and partner for every technological product on board. The range of products offered is one of the widest, from onboard sinks mounted on major cruise ships such as Walt Disney and Princess Cruises to bathroom furnishings, barbeque and specialized maritime items.

HSSC-MEPRA – Luxury Department
With the objective of developing a “Luxury Art” which is needed to address the demanding and exclusive client of the grand yacht, hotel specialty shops and prestigious restaurants, HSSC-MEPRA was born, with its assortment of more than 10,000 recommendations to furnish the house, the kitchen and the table, and satisfy different tastes and lifestyles.

YATCH CLUB PORTOFINO – Custom Department
It is a brand developed by a branch of Press Inox, specialized in “custom made” collections through the development of new technologies of laser cutting and surface protection. It has produced for many ship owners logos and names of boats that ply the seas from the U.S. to Japan, from South America to the countries of Northern Europe. Every year, Portofino Yacht Club provides its customers with new collections without  fail, thanks to numerous collaborations with external designers and a renowned engineering department.

SILVER PLUS – Luxury Art
In view of continued expansion, H.S.S.C. is inaugurating the Luxury Art, a new division fully dedicated to the vast field of commercial signs. In this way, businesses that want to express exclusivity, excellence and elegance can partner Luxury Art which has considerable experience in supplying products capable of satisfying any need.