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Made in Italy

The history of the Made In Italy
Always the Italian production has the reputation of being a high quality production, with an unparalleled attention to detail,design original and unique, to end but not least, a remarkable durability, this over the years led to huge commercial benefits to italian industry.
The words “Made in Italy” from the late ’90s began to be protected by some associations and regulated by state laws.
In 2009 a law was enacted by the italian government to protect the “Made in Italy”.

All products New HSSC are conceived, designed and developed in Italy.
Italian products are a symbol of quality and style in the world, Nuova HSSC does of this its flag.
For Nuova HSSC “Made in Italy” is not only a brand that distinguishes the quality production but is a real company philosophy.
For over a century the company does of this philosophy its workhorse, exporting the Made In Italy  in the 5 continents.