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Introductions to materials

Cookware and cooking utesils

Each style of cooking using different cooking techniques, why over the years we have tried to create cookware and cooking tools that adapt to every need. Thanks to new technology now every cook can have the instruments with different forms and materials that are used in conjunction with each other allow the creation of unique dishes as possible while keeping intact the flavors of food and respecting people’s health.

Nuova HSSC has made the study of the materials a staple of its production, this together with new processing techniques of stainless steel, aluminum and of all materials that are part of the production company, make the products of Nuova HSSC unique in their kind.

Not only simple pans and kitchen utensils but is true objects of design suitable for both professionals and for home kitchens.

All production of New HSSC is subjected to stringent quality control with certifications at various levels, in compliance with the European Union.

Thanks to the commitment and know-how derived from years of research on steel and other production materials, Nuova HSSC is recognized for years as a brand of reference of Made in Italy in the world.