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Special attention paid to the intrinsic quality (use of the best materials, high degree of thickness and precision in polishing and finishing), functionality and aesthetics (design) of all articles, together with the meticulousness of production, provides an unparalleled standard which is also affirmed by the process certification, product and project. All of the products are subject to thorough control checks before being stored in the warehouse.

The group has developed a network of collaboration with some of the most famous Italian designers, as well as young talented designers, thus becoming the protagonist of “Made in Italy”. The objects for the kitchen, the table and the interior decor, while adapting to the changing habits of life, respect the rules of education, tradition and culture of our people who, everyday and at all latitudes, are displaying through fashion, design and cuisine, the true essence and significance of the Italian Life Style.

For years, H.S.S.C. is committed to research into new materials, processes and applications, as well as the study of a design that incorporates the most ergonomic and functional forms, and the development of new production systems that are eco- friendly in light of qualitative and technological evolution.

The collaboration between H.S.S.C. and its partners, established over years of success and experience in different branches of the steel industry, has built a broad and comprehensive know-how, which covers all stages of production, from design to deployment.

In a continuously evolving competitive environment, H.S.S.C. positions itself as a proactive leader, capable of anticipating and leading the fashion trends. Thanks to the experience and expertise of its internal marketing and planning departments, it can transform an idea into a product in a matter of weeks. These competencies allow H.S.S.C. to set new trends every season to respond quickly to growing market needs.

The Group provides all the personalization options for complete customization of its products, from offering the possibility of engraving laser logos or writings on every cutlery item to choosing the coloring treatment, polishing and types of customized backlight for the boat letterings sector.
In addition, the group also makes use of graphic design outsourcing that allows realization of an idea from a design or even a simple sketch by the client, making it possible to produce a sign or a logo in a short time.