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The Hotel Ship Supplying Manufacturers Consortium (H.S.S.C.) originates from a long business tradition in steel manufacturing. The Bet family has been managing the business since the nineteenth century when the founder Giovanni Beth migrated to Peru where he established the first cutlery trading company, CUCHILLERIA BET. Upon his return to Italy in the early 1900s, Giovanni founded on the prestigious Via XX Settembre Genoa’s first cutlery shop that exists till today. The shop was later moved to a new location on Galleria Mazzini and further developed by his son, Enrico and his grandson, Giovanni.After the Second World War in 1956, Press Inox, a company producing special steel, was acquired. It was the period of industrial revival and Press Inox brand products were well received for their innovative and sound design. It was therefore decided that Press Inox would start supplying to the nascent market of recreational boating, and thanks to its flexibility and knowledge of the target market, it was easy to be noticed and become a popular brand of choice for the most important Italian and foreign shipyards. Right from the beginning, its masterpieces sailed the seas in the forms of prestigious ships such as the “queens” of the sea, Michelangelo and Raffaello, which were state of the art of the Italy Navigation Company. With its massive and admired passenger fleet, the Italy Company brought the “Made in Italy” brand from one end of the world to the other, making the postwar people envious. A few years later, the challenge of breaking into the marine industry gave birth to a consortium of producers known as the Hotel Ship Supplying Manufacturers Consortium (H.S.S.C.) to provide a wider range of offerings and continue to ensure competitive prices. The collaboration between Press Inox, HSSC-Mepra and Portofino Yacht Club unified, under a single group, the production of stainless steel for cruise ships, yachts and the hospitality industry, bringing about rapid developments and improvements to the production.
Today, Franco Bet continues the family tradition, managing in line with market trends and research, and focusing on the more innovative and technological aspect. The ensuing proposals are therefore cutting edge, whether in the choice of materials or processing technologies. In addition, with the ability to customize its products, H.S.S.C succeeds in meeting the ever growing and specific needs of its target market.